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We love to hear from you but please don’t send attachments.  We’ve been infected with malware and viruses in the past from well-meaning people who meant no harm but we got slammed anyway.  Send us an email (without attachments) or letter to:

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ARTIST MUSIC SUBMISSIONS:  The Whip plays American Roots Music – Blues, Rock, Country (not Top 40), Bluegrass, Folk, Gospel and Comedy.  We generally don’t play anything considered Top 40 by today’s standards (no offense to any of those artists) but occasionally there are outstanding crossover performers.  Not really interested in computer-generated music either.  We prefer real people playing real instruments singing with their real voices.  If you feel you fall within those few guidelines, submit away!

DO NOT email audio attachments! DO NOT use Facebook, Messenger, Twitter or social media to reach out to us about your music.  These contact methods will not be reviewed.

DO email us a download link, media kit link or dropbox link with artist information and/or bio within the email text to thewhip@backlandradio.comDO mail us your CD with bio or background information to The Whip at Backland Radio dot com, P.O. Box 736, Charleston, IL 61920-0736.

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